Hindi Numbers Guideline – Hindi Counting 1 to 100 | Hindi Ginti

No numbers, no life. Numbers are essential. Most of us know that English numbers are used everywhere, but native words are also used. India uses Hindi numbers. This is an Indian custom.

1. Why learning Hindi numbers in India is a good idea

Hindi Numbers

Most of the time, the Indian system of Hindi numbers is used in daily life in India. This is something that people do all over the country. People always use the native number system, whether they are going to buy groceries or take a rickshaw or bus. Also, even people with a lot of education find it easier to use the native number system.

For easy communication, you’ll need to know at least the numbers 1 through 10 in Hindi. This will help you do things like get a local recharge, pay for newspapers, find out the date and time, and give your neighbors your flat number.

Most people who work don’t know how to count in English, so knowing the numbers from 1 to 100 in Hindi can help you bargain when you can. Working with numbers in the local language will save you time and effort in the long run.

How to Use Hindi Numbers to Buy Groceries

But don’t let what you’ve learned to worry you! We’re going to give you some great ways to remember things quickly. Even better, we’ll show you some Hindi numbers written in roman English. So, take it easy and have fun at hindinumbers.in while you learn with these lists of Hindi ginti.

Some quick tips about the Indian number system and money

The Indian Dollar

Rupee is India’s main currency. It is written with the symbol and is called rupayaa by people in India.

The word for “cents” in Hindi is (paiSe). So, 1 rupee is made up of 100 paise. But paise doesn’t just mean “cents” in India. It can also be used to refer to any amount of money because it also means “money.”

Just learn the names of the numbers from 1 to 100 in Hindi. After that, the pattern will keep happening repeatedly.

In Hindi, the word for “hundred” is pronounced “Sau,” and the word for “thousand” is “Sau” (hazaar).

Want to know more about the names of numbers? Type in your favorite number or any other word to find out how to spell it in Hindi with our free online Hindi dictionary.

If you think starting from zero is boring, try these easy-to-remember multiples of 10. Before you know it, you’ll be able to count in Hindi.

3. Names of numbers from 10 to 100 that are multiples of 10

Number in English

Hindi Numbers

How to Write a Name in Hindi

Name in English

10 १० दस DaS Ten \s20 २० बीस biiS Twenty \s30 ३० तीस TiiS Thirty \s40 ४० चालीस caaLiiS

Forty \s50 ५० पचास pacaaS

Fifty \s60 ६० साठ Saath Sixty \s70 ७० सत्तर SaTTar Seventy \s80 ८० अस्सी aSSii

Eighty \s90 ९० नब्बे


Ninety \s100 १०० सौ Sau

One hundred

Well, that wasn’t so simple! You can also learn the multiples of the numbers 100 to 1000 in the same way.

Now that you know a little bit about how the Indian number system works, let’s start with the Hindi numbers 1 through 10 in both words and numbers. After that, we’ll talk about the numbers 1 through 20 in Hindi.

4. Learn the numbers in Hindi the numbers 0 through 10 in India are based on Indian-Arabic numbers, and the names of the numbers are written in the shorthand Devnagari script.

You can use the table below to learn how to write numbers in Hindi. Check out these rules for how to say things in Hindi that make it easy to read.

Learn to read and write numbers in Hindi.

Numbers in English and in Hindi

How to Write a Name in Hindi

Names in English: 0 = suuNya = zero 1 = ek = one 2 = do = two 3 = tiiN = three 4 = caar = four

5 ५ पाँच paanc


6 ६ छः chah

Six \s7 ७ सात SaaT

Seven \s8 ८ आठ aath

Eight \s9 ९ नौ

Nau Nine Ten Das Ten: Practice makes perfect. Our tips for learning a language will help you learn faster and better.

1- Example 1 मेरे घर में चार कमरे हैं।

mere ghar men caar kamare hain.

In my house, there are four rooms.

2- Example 2 रीटा के पास छः बिल्लियाँ हैं।

riitaa ke paaS chah biLLiyaan hain.

Reeta has six cats.

5. Number names for 11–20: 11 gyaarah Eleven 12 baarah Twelve 13 Terah Thirteen 14 cauDah Fourteen 15 paNDrah Fifteen 16 SoLah Sixteen 17 SaTrah Seventeen 18 athaarah Eighteen 19 uNNiiS Nineteen 20

Each number is written in a different way. But the prefixes of the names of the two-digit numbers (11–20) come from the names of the one-digit numbers in Hindi (from 0 to 9).

6. Names for the numbers 21 to 30 21

ikkiiS Twenty-one \s22 २२ बाईस baaiiS Twenty-two \s23 २३ तेईस TeiiS Twenty-three

24 २४ चौबीस caubiiS Twenty-four

25 २५ पच्चीस pacciiS Twenty-five \s26 २६ छब्बीस chabbiiS Twenty-six

27 २७ सत्ताईस SaTTaaiiS Twenty-seven \s28 २८ अट्ठाईस atthaaiiS Twenty-eight \s29 २९ उन्तीस uNTiiS Twenty-nine \s30 ३० तीस TiiS Thirty

1- Quick Tip: It’s easy to learn how to count in Hindi if you just watch how people do it. We’ve also written the English names for the Hindi numbers 1 through 30 for your convenience.

Another strange thing is that “twenty” is used as a prefix in English numbers, but the word “” (biiS) is used as a suffix in Hindi numbers.

As an illustration, (TiiN) + (biiS) = (TeiiS).This is true for the numbers 21 through 28, but not for 29, which uses the suffix for the 30s.

As you can see, the names of the next eight numbers depend on the multiple of 10 that came before them. The name of the ninth number, on the other hand, depends on the multiple of 10 that comes after it. This works for all numbers except 89 and 99, which keep using the suffix of the number before them.

So far, we’ve talked about the Hindi numbers 1 through 30. In the 30s line, the ending will be “.” (TiiS).

7. Names for the numbers 31 to 40 31

IkaTiiS Thirty-one \s32 ३२ बत्तीस baTTiiS Thirty-two \s33 ३३ तैंतीस

TainTiiS Thirty-three \s34 ३४ चौंतीस caunTiiS Thirty-four \s35 ३५ पैंतीस painTiiS Thirty-five \s36 ३६ छत्तीस chaTTiiS Thirty-six \s37 ३७ सैंतीस

SainTiiS Thirty-seven \s38 ३८ अढ़तीस adhaTiiS Thirty-eight \s39 ३९ उनतालीस

uNaTaaLiiS Thirty-nine \s40 ४० चालीस caaLiiS Forty

1-Quick Tip: The names of numbers in Hindi don’t always follow the same pattern as in English. Always keep in mind that the names are always changing in a small way.

8. Names for the numbers 41 to 50 41

IkaTaaLiiS Forty-one \s42 ४२ बयालीस

bayaaLiiS Forty-two \s43 ४३ तैंतालीस

TainTaaLiiS Forty-three \s44 ४४ चवालीस

cavaaLiiS Forty-four \s45 ४५ पैंतालीस

painTaaLiiS Forty-five \s46 ४६ छियालीस

chiyaaLiiS Forty-six \s47 ४७ सैंतालीस

SainTaaLiiS Forty-seven \s48 ४८ अड़तालीस

adhaTaaLiiS Forty-eight \s49 ४९ उन्चास

uNcaaS Forty-nine \s50 ५० पचास pacaaS


1-Quick Tip: The ” is the ending used here (caaLiiS). So, except for 49, every number name in the 40s line ends with the same word.

Bravo! You now know how to say the names of the numbers from 1 to 50 in Hindi. Before we move on to the next part, why don’t you go to our MyTeacher page and practice saying the names of the numbers from 1 to 50 in Hindi?

9. Names for the numbers 51 to 100

Now that you know the basics of how to learn numbers in Hindi, the next step is to learn the numbers from 1 to 100.

51 ५१ इक्यावन IkyaavaN Fifty-one \s52 ५२ बावन baavaN Fifty-two \s53 ५३ तिरपन TirapaN Fifty-three \s54 ५४ चौवन cauvaN Fifty-four \s55 ५५ पचपन pacapaN Fifty-five \s56 ५६ छप्पन chappaN Fifty-six \s57 ५७ सत्तावन SaTTaavan Fifty-seven \s58 ५८ अट्ठावन atthaavaN Fifty-eight \s59 ५९ उनसठ uNaSath Fifty-nine \s60 ६०

साठ Saath Sixty \s61 ६१ इकसठ ikaSath Sixty-one \s62 ६२ बासठ baaSath Sixty-two \s63 ६३ तिरसठ TiraSath Sixty-three \s64 ६४ चौंसठ caunSath Sixty-four \s65 ६५ पैंसठ painSath Sixty-five \s66 ६६ छियासठ chiyaaSath Sixty-six \s67 ६७ सड़सठ SadaSath Sixty-seven \s68 ६८ अड़सठ adaSath Sixty-eight \s69 ६९ उनहत्तर unhaTTar Sixty-nine \s70 ७० सत्तर

SaTTar Seventy \s71 ७१ इकहत्तर ikahaTTar Seventy-one \s72 ७२ बहत्तर bahaTTar Seventy-two \s73 ७३ तिहत्तर TihaTTar Seventy-three \s74 ७४ चौहत्तर cauhaTTar Seventy-four \s75 ७५ पचहत्तर pacahaTTar Seventy-five \s76 ७६ छिहत्तर chihaTTar Seventy-six \s77 ७७ सतहत्तर saTahaTTar Seventy-seven \s78 ७८ अठहत्तर athahaTTar Seventy-eight \s79 ७९ उन्यासी uNyaaSii Seventy-nine \s80 ८० अस्सी aSSii Eighty \s81 ८१ इक्यासी ikyaaSii Eighty-one \s82 ८२ बयासी bayaaSii Eighty-two \s83 ८३ तिरासी

TiraaSii Eighty-three \s84 ८४ चौरासी

cauraaSii Eighty-four \s85 ८५ पचासी

pacaaSii Eighty-five \s86 ८६ छियासी

chiyaaSii Eighty-six \s87 ८७ सत्तासी

SaTTaaSii Eighty-seven \s88 ८८ अट्ठासी

atthaaSii Eighty-eight \s89 ८९ नवासी

NavaaSii Eighty-nine \s90 ९०


Nabbe Ninety \s91 ९१

इक्यानवे ikyaaNave Ninety-one

92 ९२ बानवे baaNave Ninety-two

93 ९३ तिरानवे

TiraaNave Ninety-three

94 ९४ चौरानवे cauraaNave

Ninety-four \s95 ९५ पंचानवे paNcaaNave

Ninety-five \s96 ९६ छियानवे chiyaaNave

Ninety-six \s97 ९७ सत्तानवे

SaTTaaNave Ninety-seven

98 ९८ अट्ठानवे athaaNave

Ninety-eight \s99 ९९ निन्यानवे NiNyaaNave

Ninety-nine \s100 १०० सौ Sau

One hundred 1- Quick Tip: Come to HindiPod101.com to get a free PDF of the words for the numbers 1 to 100 in Hindi.

10. Names of numbers from 100 to 1000 that are multiples of 100

You’ve made a big step forward by learning English to Hindi numbers 1 to 100. Give yourself a pat on the back! And smile now because things are about to get a lot easier.

Numbers in English and in Hindi

How to Write a Name in Hindi

Name in English

100 १०० एक सौ ek Sau

One-hundred 200 २०० दो सौ Do Sau

Two hundred and fifty thousand TiiN Sau

Three hundred and four hundred caar Sau

Four hundred and five hundred paanc Sau

Five-hundred-and-sixty chah Sau

Six hundred and seven hundred SaaT Sau Seven hundred and eight hundred aath Sau Eight-hundred 900 ९०० नौ सौ Nau Sau Nine-hundred 1000 १००० एक हज़ार One thousand Ek hazaar

If you know the names of the numbers from 0 to 100 by heart, the rest will be a piece of cake for you. Not only that, but you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to learn the Hindi words for the numbers 1 to 1000.

We’ll explain how to do it. Let’s use any of the numbers from 1 to 1000 in Hindi as an example.

1- The number name for the English number 122 is “one hundred and twenty-two.” Now, you already know that “one hundred” in Hindi is written as “Ek Sau,” and “twenty-two” is written as “Ek Sau” (baaiiS).

Viola! You can easily tell that the Hindi name for the number 122 is . (Ek Sau baaiiS).

You can read, write, and make any number that is a multiple of 100. Join our blog to get a PDF of the numbers 1 to 10,000 in Hindi and start learning right away.

2-Quick tip: All you have to do is remember the names of the last two digits in Hindi and add the third digit as the hundredth number.

Names for the numbers from 1000 to 10,000!

Numbers in English Numbers

How to Write a Name in Hindi

Name in English

1000 १००० एक हज़ार ek hazaar

One thousand, two thousand, Do hazaar

2000 TiiN hazaar

Three-thousand-four-thousand caar hazaar Four-thousand-five-hundred paanc hazaar

Five thousand, six thousand chah hazaar

Six thousand seven hundred SaaT hazaar

Seven-thousand 8000 ८००० आठ हज़ार aath hazaar

Eight thousand nine thousand

Nau hazaar

Nine thousand, ten thousand, DaS hazaar, ten thousand,

Quick tip: For Hindi numbers from 1000 to 2000 and above, use the same rule as you did for the hundreds.

Just change the word (Sau) to (hazaar), and you’ll be all set.

2-The number name for the English number 4120 is “four thousand one hundred and twenty.” You already know that the Hindi word for “four thousand” is “caar hazaar,” that the word for “one hundred” is “Ek Sau,” and that the word for “twenty” is “.” (biiS).

So, that’s it! You can easily figure out that is the Hindi name for the number 4120. (caar hazaar ek Sau biiS).

How to Pronounce the Cardinal Numbers

How to Write an English Name in Hindi

First पहला pehaLaa

Second दूसरा DuuSaraa

Third तीसरा


Fourth चौथा cauTHaa

Fifth पाँचवा


Sixth छठा chathaa

Seventh सातवाँ


Eighth आठवाँ aathavaan

Ninth नौवाँ Nauvaan

Tenth दसवाँ DaSavaan

Quick Tip:

Most of the time, cardinal numbers are used to give directions, addresses, or other information that goes in a certain order.

Different sounds come at the end of a cardinal name based on the gender of the person or thing. Words that describe men will end with the sound aa, and words that describe women will end with the sound ii.

For example: It’s your second turn.

दूसरा मोड़ \s(DuSaraa mod) (DuSaraa mod)

The third tale.

तीसरी मंज़िल \s(TiiSarii maNziL) (TiiSarii maNziL)

13. How to Give Out Your Phone Number in Hindi

Sharing Your Phone Number Using Hindi Numbers

It’s fine to give your coworkers your phone number in English numbers. But when talking to your neighbors, milkman, newspaperman, or maid, it’s better to split your ten-digit number into five sets of two-digit Hindi numbers.

In general, that’s how the Indians do it. Another way to do it is to divide it into two sets of five Indian numbers each.

Your phone number, for example, is 9457886140.

Using the first way, the number is 94-57-88-61-40. So, in Hindi, you’ll say it as ९४-५७-८८-६१-४० i.e. चौरानवे (cauraaNave) – सतावन (SaTaavaN) – अट्ठासी (atthaaSii) – इकसठ (IkaSath) – चालीस (caaLiiS).

94578-86140 is the second way to say it. So, to say it in Hindi, you would say -. That would be चौरानवे पाँच सौ अठहत्तर – छियासी एक सौ चालीस (cauraaNave paanc Sau atthahaTTar – chiyaaSii ek Sau caaLiiS).

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Are you happy with the way we teach? Visit us at HindiPod101.com to learn more. We make it easy for you to learn by giving you guided lessons, free word lists, a dictionary, PDFs, and a lot more.

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If you know the Hindi language, learning the numbers 1 to 100 is simple. Learning numbers in any language aids conversation and improves one’s ability to learn the language. So, if you want to learn Hindi, learning Hindi numbers from 1 to 100 is a good place to start. Hindi numbers are simple to remember because the names are small, as they are in English. In the Hindi language, numbers or counting are referred to as Hindi Ginti or.

Hindi Numbers ( Hindi Ginti )

English NumberEnglish Numbers in WordsHindi NumbersHindi Numbers in Words
1Oneएक (Ek)
2Twoदो (Do)
3Threeतीन (Teen)
4Fourचार ( Chaar)
5Fiveपाञ्च ( Panch)
6Sixछे (Chah)
7Sevenसात ( Saat)
8Eightआठ (Aath)
9Nineनौ ( Nau)
10Ten१॰दस ( Das)
11Eleven११ग्यारह ( Gyarah)
12Twelve१२बारह ( Barah)
13Thirteen१३तेरह ( Terah)
14Fourteen१४चौदह ( Chaudah)
15Fifteen१५पन्द्रह ( Pandrah)
16Sixteen१६सोलह ( Solah)
17Seventeen१७सत्रह ( Sattrah)
18Eighteen१८अठारह ( Aatharah)
19Nineteen१९उन्नीस ( Unnis)
20Twenty२॰बीस ( Bees)
21Twenty-one२१इक्कीस ( Ikkees)
22Twenty-two२२बाईस ( Baees)
23Twenty-three२३तेईस ( Teis)
24Twenty-four२४चौबीस ( Chaubees)
25Twenty-five२५पच्चीस ( Pachchees)
26Twenty-six२६छब्बीस ( Chhabbees)
27Twenty-seven२७सत्तइस ( Sattaees)
28Twenty-eight२८अठ्ठाइस ( Aththaees)
29Twenty-nine२९उन्तीस ( Unantees)
30Thirty३॰तीस ( Tees)
31Thirty-one३१इकतीस ( Ekatees)
32Thirty-two३२बत्तीस ) Battees)
33Thirty-three३३तेतीस ( Tetees)
34Thirty-four३४चौतीस ( Chutees)
35Thirty-five३५पैंतीस ( Paitees)
36Thirty-six३६छत्तीस (Chhatees)
37Thirty-seven३७सैंतीस ( Santees)
38Thirty-eight३८अड़तीस ( Adtees)
39Thirty-nine३९उन्तालीस ( Untalees)
40Forty४॰चालीस ( Chalees)
41Forty-one४१इकतालीस ( istalees)
42Forty-two४२ब्यालीस ( Bayalees)
43Forty-three४३तेतालीस ( Tetalees)
44Forty-four४४चौवालीस ( Chauvalees)
45Forty-five४५पैंतालीस (Paitalees)
46Forty-six४६छियालीस ( Chhiyalees)
47Forty-seven४७सैतालीस ( Saitalees)
48Forty-eight४८अड़तालीस ( Adtalees)
49Forty-nine४९उनंचास ( unchaas)
50Fifty५॰पचास ( Pachas)
51Fifty-one५१इक्यावन ( Ikyawan)
52Fifty-two५२बावन ( Bawan)
53Fifty-three५३तिरेपन ( Tirepan)
54Fifty-four५४चौअन ( Chauwan)
55Fifty-five५५पचपन ( Pachapan)
56Fifty-six५६छप्पन ( Chhappan)
57Fifty-seven५७सत्तावन ( Sattavan)
58Fifty-eight५८अठ्ठावन ( Aththavan)
59Fifty-nine५९उनसठ ( Unsath)
60Sixty६॰साठ ( Saath)
61Sixty-one६१इकसठ ( Eksath)
62Sixty-two६२बासठ ( Basath)
63Sixty-three६३तिरसठ ( Tirsath)
64Sixty-four६४चौंसठ ( Chausath)
65Sixty-five६५पैंसठ ( Paisanth)
66Sixty-six६६छियासठ ( Chhiyasath)
67Sixty-seven६७सरसठ ( Sarsath)
68Sixty-eight६८अरसठ ( Arasath)
69Sixty-nine६९उनहत्तर ( Unahttar)
70Seventy७॰सत्तर ( Sattar)
71Seventy-one७१इकहत्तर ( Ekahttar)
72Seventy-two७२बहत्तर ( Bahattar)
73Seventy-three७३तिहत्तर ( Tihattar)
74Seventy-four७४चौहत्तर ( Chauhattar)
75Seventy-five७५पिचत्तर ( Pichhattar)
76Seventy-six७६छिहत्तर ( Chhihttar)
77Seventy-seven७७सतत्तर ( Satattar)
78Seventy-eight७८अठत्तर (Athattar)
79Seventy-nine७९उनासी ( Unasee)
80Eighty८॰अस्सी (Assee)
81Eighty-one८१इक्यासी ( Ikyasee)
82Eighty-two८२ब्यासी ( Byasee)
83Eighty-three८३तिरासी (Tirasee)
84Eighty-four८४चौरासी ( Chaurasee)
85Eighty-five८५पिचासी ( Pichasee)
86Eighty-six८६छियासी (Chhiyasee)
87Eighty-seven८७सतासी ( Satasee)
88Eighty-eight८८अठासी ( Athasee)
89Eighty-nine८९नवासी ( Navasee)
90Ninety९॰नब्बे ( Nabbe)
91Ninety-one९१इक्यानवे ( Ikyanve)
92Ninety-two९२बानवे ( Banve)
93Ninety-three९३तिरानवे ( Tiranve)
94Ninety-four९४चौरानवे ( Chauranave)
95Ninety-five९५पिञ्चानवे ( Pichchanve)
96Ninety-six९६छियानवे ( Chhiyanve)
97Ninety-seven९७सत्तानवे ( Sattanve)
98Ninety-eight९८अठ्ठानवे ( Aththanve)
99Ninety-Nine९९निन्यानवे ( Ninyanve)
100Hundred१॰॰सौ ( Sau)

Hindi Counting 1 to 100

Hindi Numbers Counting From 1 to 10

हिन्दी नंबर अंकों मेंहिन्दी नंबर शब्दों मेंइंग्लिश नंबर अंकों मेंइंग्लिश नंबर शब्दों में

Hindi Numbers Counting From 11 to 20

हिन्दी नंबर अंकों मेंहिन्दी नंबर शब्दों मेंइंग्लिश नंबर अंकों मेंइंग्लिश नंबर शब्दों में

Hindi Numbers Counting From 21 to 30

हिन्दी नंबर अंकों मेंहिन्दी नंबर शब्दों मेंइंग्लिश नंबर अंकों मेंइंग्लिश नंबर शब्दों में
२१इकीस21Twenty One
२२बाईस22Twenty Two
२३तेइस23Twenty Three
२४चौबीस24Twenty Four
२६छब्बीस26Twenty Six
२७सताइस27Twenty Seven
२८अट्ठाईस28Twenty Eight
२९उनतीस29Twenty Nine

Hindi Numbers Counting From 31 to 40

हिन्दी नंबर अंकों मेंहिन्दी नंबर शब्दों मेंइंग्लिश नंबर अंकों मेंइंग्लिश नंबर शब्दों में
३१इकतीस31Thirty One
३२बत्तीस32Thirty Two
३३तैतीस33Thirty Three
३४चौंतीस34Thirty Four
३५पैंतीस35Thirty Five
३६छत्तीस36Thirty Six
३७सैंतीस37Thirty Seven
३८अड़तीस38Thirty Eight
३९उनतालीस39Thirty Nine

Hindi Ginti from 41 to 50

हिन्दी नंबर अंकों मेंहिन्दी नंबर शब्दों मेंइंग्लिश नंबर अंकों मेंइंग्लिश नंबर शब्दों में
४१इकतालीस41Forty One
४२बयालीस42Forty Two
४३तैतालिस43Forty Three
४४चौवालिस44Forty Four
४५पैंतालिस45Forty Five
४६छियालीस46Forty Six
४७सैंतालिस47Forty Seven
४८अड़तालीस48Forty Eight
४९उनचास49Forty Nine

Hindi Ginti from 51 to 60

हिन्दी नंबर अंकों मेंहिन्दी नंबर शब्दों मेंइंग्लिश नंबर अंकों मेंइंग्लिश नंबर शब्दों में
५१इक्यावन51Fifty One
५२बावन52Fifty Two
५३तिरपन53Fifty Three
५४चौवन54Fifty Four
५५पचपन55Fifty Five
५६छप्पन56Fifty Six
५७सत्तावन57Fifty Seven
५८अट्ठावन58Fifty Eight
५९उनसठ59Fifty Nine

Hindi Numbers Counting From 61 to 70

हिन्दी नंबर अंकों मेंहिन्दी नंबर शब्दों मेंइंग्लिश नंबर अंकों मेंइंग्लिश नंबर शब्दों में
६१इक्सट61Sixty One
६२बासठ62Sixty Two
६३तिरसठ63Sixty Three
६४चौंसठ64Sixty Four
६५पैंसठ65Sixty Five
६६छियासठ66Sixty Six
६७सड़सठ67Sixty Seven
६८अड़सठ68Sixty Eight
६९उनहत्तर69Sixty Nine

Hindi Ginti from 71 to 80

हिन्दी नंबर अंकों मेंहिन्दी नंबर शब्दों मेंइंग्लिश नंबर अंकों मेंइंग्लिश नंबर शब्दों में
७१इकहत्तर71Seventy One
७२बहत्तर72Seventy Two
७३तिहत्तर73Seventy Three
७४चौहत्तर74Seventy Four
७५पचहत्तर75Seventy Five
७६छिहत्तर76Seventy Six
७७सतहत्तर77Seventy Seven
७८अठहत्तर78Seventy Eight
७९उनासी79Seventy Nine

Hindi Ginti From 81 to 90

हिन्दी नंबर अंकों मेंहिन्दी नंबर शब्दों मेंइंग्लिश नंबर अंकों मेंइंग्लिश नंबर शब्दों में
८१इक्यासी81Eighty One
८२बयासी82Eighty Two
८३तिरासी83Eighty Three
८४चौरासी84Eighty Four
८५पचासी85Eighty Five
८६छियासी86Eighty Six
८७सतासी87Eighty Seven
८८अट्ठासी88Eighty Eight
८९नवासी89Eighty Nine

Hindi Numbers Counting From 91 to 100

हिन्दी नंबर अंकों मेंहिन्दी नंबर शब्दों मेंइंग्लिश नंबर अंकों मेंइंग्लिश नंबर शब्दों में
९१इक्यानवे91Ninety One
९२बनावे92Ninety Two
९३तिरानवे93Ninety Three
९४चौरानवे94Ninety Four
९५पचानवे95Ninety Five
९६छियानवे96Ninety Six
९७सतानवे97Ninety Seven
९८अट्ठानवे98Ninety Eight
९९निन्यानवे99Ninety Nine

Hindi Counting Higher Numbers:

एक हज़ारIk Hazaar (One Thousand)1,000
दस हज़ारDas Hazaar (Ten Thousand)10,000
एक लाखIk Lakh (Hundred Thousand)100,000
दस लाखDas Lakh (One Million)1,000,000
एक करोड़Ik Caror (Ten Million)10,000,000
दस करोड़Das Caror (Hundred Million)100,000,000
एक अरबEk Arab (One Billion)1,000,000,000
एक खरबEk Kharab (Hundred Billion)100,000,000,000
नीलSau Kharab (Ten Trillion)10,000,000,000,000

Another Way of Hindi Counting

पहलाPehla (First)१ला (1st)
दूसराDusra (Second)२रा (2nd)
तीसराTisra (Third)३रा (3rd)
चौथाChautha (Forth)४था (4th)
पाँचवाPanchwan (Fifth)५वाँ (5th)
छठाChattha (Sixth)६ठा (6th)
सातवाँSaatwan (Seventh)७वाँ(7th)
आठवाँAathwan (Eighth)८वाँ(8th)
नौवाँNauwan (Ninth)९वाँ (9th)
दसवाँDaswan (Tenth)१०वाँ (10th)